Central Committee

Sing Inside’s daily running and development is coordinated by a Central Committee. Together, they help to set up and provide support to Local Committees in universities, and establish connections between prisons and the community. The Central Committee also manages volunteer development, training, and connections to other institutions for research and awareness raising.

If you would like to help with the expansion of Sing Inside, please get in touch with one of the below:

Maisie Hulbert (maisie@singinside.org)

Maisie first became involved with prison work as a Music fresher at Cambridge. When the funding from CaMEO became unsustainable, Maisie founded Sing Inside as a financially-independent university society. She served on the Cambridge Committee as both Junior Treasurer and President, leading a passionate student committee in commissioning a logo to create cohesive branding, relaunching the website, and collectively fundraising almost £10,000. As Fundraising Officer, Maisie works to develop a secure central funding system to support workshops and training to new branches of Sing Inside, harnessing the unique enthusiasm of students nationwide who can support their local prison communities. Maisie is also a freelance singer, working in the London region.

Giverny McAndry (giverny@singinside.org)

Giverny has been involved with Sing Inside since its inception, running the first set of workshops in HMP Bedford alongside Jonathan and Joe through Cambridge Music Education Outreach (CaMEO) in March 2014. Seeing the positive impact of these workshops, she has overseen the evolution of this initial project into an independent charitable organisation, and is working with Maisie to secure Sing Inside’s future as a registered charity. Giverny continues to provide general strategic oversight of the organisation, and acts in a secretarial capacity for the Central Committee. A Cambridge in both Music and Law, Sing Inside is a neat way of bringing together her interests; outside of prison work, Giverny works as a Human Rights and Global Strategy policy advisor for the Ministry of Justice.

Jonathan Schranz (jonathan@singinside.org)

Jonathan is a freelance choral conductor based in London. He studied Music at the University of Cambridge and has been involved with Sing Inside since its first prison workshop in 2014. He went on to complete a master’s degree in Choral Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music with his thesis specialising in the impact of running a choir in the prison chaplaincy at HMP Thameside. The work was noted for its innovative nature and potential impact and has been presented at music and criminology conferences hosted at the Universities of Oxford and Leicester. Outside of prisons Jonathan conducts a variety of choirs ranging from the Office Choir at Grant Thornton to the student & staff choir at the University of Greenwich. From January 2019 he will be Director of Music at St George’s Cathedral, Southwark.

Joe Shaw (joe@singinside.org)

Clover Willis (clover@singinside.org)