Cambridge Committee

The Sing Inside Committee (Cambridge)

Cambridge is the original home of Sing Inside, and continues to be our longest-running and most self-sufficient committee, averaging nine visits per academic year. Over the years, the committee has undertaken extraordinary fundraising feats, including raising nearly £3000 by completing the Three Peaks Challenge.

Upcoming Visits

We are currently planning visits for Summer 2018 – as soon as the trips are finalised, we will email the mailing list and post an update on our website / Facebook page so that everyone can sign up.

Mailing List 

If you would like to be added to the Sing Inside (Cambridge) mailing list to receive emails about future visits, please email Susie Hill (

Visit our Facebook page to find out more!

The Committee:

President Kate Apley 

Contact: Apley

I am a fourth year undergraduate studying Italian and French at Trinity College, where I also sing in the chapel choir. I’m very excited to be President for Sing Inside Cambridge, as the prison visits I’ve done so far have been some of the most worthwhile and uplifting days of my whole time at Cambridge. I first got involved because I am a firm believer in the power of music as a tool for communication and breaking down barriers, but what I saw during the prison visits far surpassed what I expected. The sense of community and togetherness that we reach by the afternoon concerts is amazing, and its clear that the inmates are not only appreciative of the musical experience but more importantly have great fun chatting and forming meaningful connections in a way which is so unusual for them. Making music together levels the differences between us all and encourages us all to challenge social perceptions and stereotypes. We have lots of exciting ideas about the coming year, and I hope to see lots more people getting involved with this wonderful project!


Secretary Susie Hill

Contact: Hill

I’m a 3rd Year French and German student at Trinity College and I am currently living in Berlin on my Year Abroad. I did my first visit to HMP Whitemoor in December 2015 and was keen to get involved immediately – the residents I chatted to were so appreciative of us spending time with them, and every visit since then has reminded me of the fact that music has an incredible power in bringing people together, promoting a positive atmosphere and challenging stereotypes. Sing Inside is undoubtedly the most enjoyable and worthwhile thing I’ve done since starting at Cambridge – I am so excited to see the society develop and would highly recommend getting involved!


Prisons Coordinator Rachael Chapman Rachael Chapman


I am a third year psychology student at Christ’s College and the prison coordinator for Sing Inside, meaning I send a lot of emails to organise our workshop days. My first visit was to HMP Whitemoor in December 2015. I love the friendly and relaxed feel of the workshops and concerts. It feels like there is no “them and us”, just a group of people singing, learning music and having a laugh together. It is also so special to see students and residents come out of their shells and form new connections, realising we are all people and we all need time to be listened to and respected, regardless of our background.


Treasurer: Joe Deery Joe Deery


My name is Joe Deery and I’m currently a 2nd year undergraduate studying music at Trinity College. I have been involved in several excursions to prisons such as HMP Whitemoor, Bedford and Peterborough. On every single visit I have been astounded and deeply moved to see a tangible bond develop between the visiting students and the inmates throughout the day. Sharing that unique emotional connection is extraordinary and it often culminates in a poignant performance in front of fellow prisoners and staff at the end of the day. With austerity hitting the Prison and Probation Service hard, it is now more important than ever that these visits continue to take place. My job as treasurer is to make sure we have enough money for simple, but necessary resources, such as the minibus rental that gets us from Cambridge to the respective prisons.


Fundraising and Publicity: George Nairac George Nairac


I’m a second year History student at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. I first heard about Sing Inside through a friend in Trinity Choir and have since been on two visits to HMP Whitemoor. On both occasions I was struck by the sense of community and openness inside the prison, as well as how rewarding a day of singing could be. My role as publicity and events manager covers a range of tasks, but I hope to place the experiences of the prisoners at the core of our work over the next year.


Website Manager Rachel CoombsIMG_4567


I’m Rachel Coombs, a first year undergraduate studying History at Corpus Christi College. I first heard about Sing Inside when I attended a fundraising concert in Lent term, where I was beyond inspired. Hearing friends speak about the experience they had, about how much their work is appreciated and the impact they make upon inmates, I found myself extremely moved, and immediately wanted to get involved. In fact, I was so impressed by this fantastic cause that I wanted to go all in, and try and make as much of a contribution as possible by being on the committee! As Website Manager, I’m hoping to spread the word about Sing Inside both online and through other media to gain wider support and publicity for this fantastic cause.