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Our vision is:

  • To see a presence of singing in every prison in England and Wales, which all people who live and work in prisons can access;

  • To see those with influence over prison regimes understand and engage with the benefits of access to group singing and music as part of broader rehabilitative programmes;

  • To see stigma and stereotype towards prison communities eradicated by facilitating humanising musical engagement between people;

  • That everyone, whatever their past, can access shared musical learning and experience the power of meaningful, humanising engagement between diverse groups of people.


Sing Inside provides group singing workshops in prisons across England and Wales to build confidence, increase wellbeing and break down stereotypes. 

We provide inspirational creative opportunities that encourage greater aspiration. Our workshops bring people in prison, prison staff and local volunteers together as teams. They collaborate as equals and contribute their ideas confidently, working against the grain of stigma and stereotype.

We train confident, inspiring community music leaders and support prison residents to become more confident, engaged and optimistic.

We harness the unique power of group singing to change outlooks, increase confidence and help people to see themselves and others differently.



We believe that the best work happens when we bring together people from diverse backgrounds and with different perspectives into genuinely equal partnerships. We will live this value beyond the powerful team-building environments of our workshops: it will inform our contracts, our partnerships, and our approach to prisons, other criminal justice programmes, volunteers and local communities. We can always learn more and will always strive for a working environment that enables us to.


We exist to facilitate meaningful, humanising engagement between people. We promise to centre people in our work; to be true to our values; and to be fully transparent about our operations, income, expenditure and activities. We are open to criticism and suggestion and we will always strive to keep our focus on how to best help people to understand one another better, wherever they come from and whatever their history.


We are flexible, adaptable and we listen. We know that there are changing needs within the changing landscape of the criminal justice system. We will always respond to the individuals we work with and the systems we work within in order to deliver tailored and rewarding programmes for all.


Although we know there is a place for pragmatism, we will always be brave in challenging behaviour or situations that are wrong and inconsistent with our values. We will be a confident voice against stigma and stereotype, and we will stand up for equal access to meaningful creative activity, whatever your background.