"It couldn't possibly have been better. I was treated, by everyone, as a human being. Not one of them talked down to me. Not once did I feel like a prisoner. I had a little private cry at lunchtime."

- Resident,  HMP Highpoint

"I’m very happy, joyful. I feel like I’m in paradise."

- Resident, HMP Whitemoor

"I enjoyed meeting new people and hearing new stories, understanding more about Cambridge University and the students, and experiencing singing with a choir."

- Resident, HMP Whitemoor

"It really lifted my spirits. Everything was amazing, I really enjoyed today and can’t wait for the next one."

- Resident, HMP Wayland

"The whole package: joy, happiness, the radiance of love, light and passion, amazing. Thank you."

- Resident, HMP Wayland

"Being treated like a real person." 

- Resident, HMP Bedford

"It improved my confidence in singing. It was also a very calm and friendly environment which made me feel at ease."

-  Resident, HMP Bedford

"The songs were very inspirational and soul lifting. Excellent." 

- Resident, HMP Highpoint

"I enjoyed the singing and everyone joining in, was nice to see there are still nice and friendly people in the world. This world needs more people like you people."

- Resident, HMP Wayland

"Fellowship, togetherness."

- Resident, HMP Whitemoor

"We didn’t feel you communicated with us as though we were criminals but as people."

- Resident, HMP Highpoint

"I enjoyed getting out for the day. I enjoyed singing with the group and meeting friendly people with good humour. Beautiful singing."


- Resident, HMP Bedford

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