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Sing Inside is built on the vital on-going donations from our friends, sponsors and patrons. 

Any donation, from a small monthly sum to a large annual sponsorship, goes towards covering the costs of delivering our prison visits and designing innovative new programmes in response to the changing needs of people in prison as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.



Become a Friend: give £5, £10, or £20 a month to become a Wren

Become a Sponsor: give £300 or £500 a year to become a Hawk

Become a Patron: give £1000+ per year to become an Eagle

Set up your regular donation and support our ongoing work today! 


If you have any questions about our support packages, please get in touch on We are more than happy to hear from you.


Sing Inside works with 18 prisons across England. Your donation helps sustain these relationships and deliver workshops as regularly as we can. 

£1000 - cover the cost of a week-long residency in one prison

£5 - purchase equipment for visits such as name labels, pens and flip chart paper

£10 - print certificates for residents, purchase sheet music to be sung by residents

£20 - produce and send in-cell resources to one prison

£500 - cover our musical leadership training for a whole year

How we might use your donations

£100 - cover travel for all volunteers for a prison visit that is close to a local hub

£300 - cover travel for all volunteers for a prison visit that is further away from a local hub

£200 - cover specialist training for one of our trustees


Sing Inside works with a number of businesses who provide financial and in-kind services to help us achieve our mission. If you are a business and would like to support us in some way, take a look at the sponsor and patron packages by downloading our supporters booklet above. If none of the packages look quite right, that's no problem - get in touch on


 If you have a payroll giving scheme and would like to support Sing Inside, please get in touch if you need any more information from us.

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Photo credit: MBP Productions

Donations to Sing Inside are assumed to be unrestricted. Unless you specify that you would like your donation to be restricted to a certain area of our work (eg. restricted to a specific area, or a particular prison partnership), funds raised will support all activity involved in the running of Sing Inside. This includes direct workshop costs like travel and music purchase, as well as overhead costs that are essential to running the organisation effectively. Our annual accounts set out the proportion of our expenditure in each area and are publicly available.  If you have any further questions in the meantime about how your money will be used, please contact Maisie.

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