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Sing Inside delivers group singing workshops in prisons, connecting volunteers drawn from the local community with their local prison communities. Our workshops use musical learning to build confidence, break down social stigma and create and strengthen communities.



Group singing has a unique power to build trust and understanding, which in turn helps us challenge our preconceptions.

We believe in the power of shared humanity, and that we can all learn, grow and develop by engaging meaningfully with others.


Our model works outwards from our Executive Committee, which oversees and manages Sing Inside’s local hubs. Local committees of volunteers drawn from universities, community groups and choirs in the area organise visits in their area. These local groups are supported and trained by the executive team to create a strong network of prison partnerships under the Sing Inside umbrella.












2014 - visits begin to HMP Bedford, run by Cambridge Education and Outreach (CamEO) and funded by the Faculty of Music

2015 - we expand into HMP Wayland. Funding from CamEO is significantly reduced

2016: fundraise over £10,000, through a Three Peaks Challenge and various other events. Expand into George Mackenzie House

March 2018 - we expand into Oxford, and form our first committee.

Thanks to some generous donations, we expand into HMP Stafford, HMP Woodhill, HMP Chelmsford and HMP Thameside

March 2019 - we receive charitable status and have our first success in grant funding to support further expansion into Staffordshire.

July - we run our first multi-day project in HMP Whitemoor, followed by our second in HMP Huntercombe in December

We begin expanding our student committee models into York and Staffordshire

December 2014 - expand into HMP Whitemoor

Feb 2016 - Sing Inside is founded! Initially, we were a student society at the university of Cambridge

2017: our executive committee form in February to manage expansion into Oxford, after a very generous donation from New College.

We expand into three new prisons - HMP Highpoint, HMP Peterborough and HMP The Mount.

In November 2018, we submit an application to the Charity Commission to become a registered foundation CIO, and recruit our first board.

We expand into HMP Oakwood, HMP Long Lartin, HMP Full Sutton, HMP Huntercombe, HMP Bullingdon, HMP Send

2020 - we expand into HMP Warren Hill, and have plans to begin work in HMP Sudbury, HMP Kirkham and more.