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Sing Inside is a small charity making a big difference.

We want to see opportunities for choral singing in every prison in England and Wales, harnessing its power to inspire hope, increase confidence and build communities.


Find some key statistics below from our annual report 2019-20, or read the full report and accounts.

You can also download a detailed impact report exploring our multi-day visit to HMP Huntercombe in December 2019.



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We collect both quantitative and qualitative data from prison-based participants and volunteers to explore our impact. The word-clouds below summarise qualitative feedback from prison residents.

HMP Warren Hill

Why did you sign up?

HMP Warren Hill January 2020 wordcloud.j

HMP Send

One word to describe the day

Send March 2020 wordcloud.png

These quotes from residents, volunteers and staff demonstrate how we build inspiring environments and socially and creatively liberating spaces that are beneficial to all communities.


Fun. A release of tension to express myself without judgement.

- Resident, HMP Woodhill

“Meeting different people, doing something I have never had the confidence to do in public.

-Resident, HMP Warren Hill

That day I felt as if I wasn’t in prison, the change of my daily routine along with meeting lots of new interesting people made a nice change to my week.

- Resident, HMP Woodhill

"It improved my confidence in singing. It was also a very calm and friendly environment which made me feel at ease."​

-  Resident, HMP Bedford

Group participation - we all did something today we would never have done on outside. Brilliant experience.

- Resident, HMP Wayland

It was an exceptional day and one I will have fond memories of for a very long time. 

- Staff member, HMP Woodhill

“It takes them out of prison life a little bit and takes their head out of going to the workshop or doing something boring, gives them a bit more purpose.”

- Staff member, HMP Stafford


‘The visit made me more aware of not only the issues in the prison system and the importance of human interaction, but also of my ability to share music with others, and create something wonderful together.’

- Volunteer, HMP Huntercombe


"it was a really eye-opening experience."

- Volunteer,

HMP Send

‘I really enjoyed the sense of community that developed throughout the day.'

- Volunteer, HMP Chelmsford

"It tends to give them something in common. They’re all different walks of life. They’re all different skill sets or different professions or different sentences for different things. But it just gives them that sort of common... bringing people together who never normally would have been together."

- Staff member, HMP Stafford

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