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At Sing Inside, our goal is that everyone - whatever their background, whatever their story, and whoever they are - should have the opportunity to enjoy the unique power of group singing and music-making. 

Inclusion is at the heart of our ethos and work, but we know that we still have work to do.

It is essential that we play our part in challenging systemic structures of oppression at play within the criminal justice system and the charity sector, alongside interrogating our own biases, assumptions and aggressions which can cause harm to minoritised communities. 


In June 2020, after the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and increased awareness of systemic racism across the world, we committed to becoming an actively anti-racist organisation. We know that race is just one area of necessary and vital work to become a fully inclusive organisation, and we are reflecting across all protected characteristics to make sure our workshops and volunteering opportunities are as accessible and inclusive as possible.

We have written our first anti-racism action plan, which will run alongside our 2022-25 strategy. Many of our strategic goals reflect the aims of our anti-racism work, and we intend to keep the two plans closely aligned. If you have any questions about our anti-racism work, please get in touch with our chief executive on

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