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Sing Inside's day-long workshops are an opportunity to form a choir aongside people in prison, building confidence and connections at a time when people in prison have experienced extreme isolation.


Click the button below to sign up for face-to-face workshops - they are open to everyone, including local people, students and staff from universities and those who have worked or volunteered in prisons with other organisations.


Use the button to the right to sign up to volunteer in prisons with us. All our visits are advertised here - you can fill out the form as many times as you like and request a space on a visit. We will be in touch to confirm your place as soon as possible.


We're currently recruiting to ALL of our local committees in Cambridge, Oxford and York!

Our local teams contact prisons and recruit volunteers in their local areas, as well as running a range of fundraising and engagement events to boost participation. It's a great way to gain experience working with a national charity in a variety of roles, and working in both the criminal justice and music sectors. 

There's info about the roles and what they involve available below, as well as how they fit together with other roles on the team. Contact our team on if you have any questions.


Our local committee presidents lead a small team of 5 or 6 volunteers, managing local visits and events and co-ordinating prison and volunteer engagement. It's a great opportunity to learn leadership and project management skills in charities, and see a wide range of what happens at Sing Inside.


Fundraising and publicity officers - and this can be all in one role, or shared between two people - communicate Sing Inside's work and organise fundraising events to ensure local work is well resourced. If you're interested in a career in fundraising, this is a great way to gain experience - or if you love using social media and boosting engagement, a publicity role will be a great fit.


Local treasurers are responsible for managing local payments and invoices, and keeping records of our finances.  You might make purchases for the charity and work with the executive team on local budgets and planning for the future, as well as ensuring lots of fundraising happens. 


Our prison co-ordinators liaise with prisons, to organise visits. You'll work out dates, times and logistics for our visits and work with our chief exec to build new relationships. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in working in criminal justice, and seeing how prisons work.


Our secretaries keep the ship sailing! This is a broad role which covers all sorts of things: organising music, feedback forms, data input and volunteer engagement. This is a great role if you want to find out more about Sing Inside, how a local charity branch works, and try a range of different volunteering skills.


NB: this is a new role for our Oxford and York teams in 2023-24, after a successful pilot over 2 years in Cambridge.

This role is a musical leadership position. Responsibilities include planning and leading sessions, and choosing a diverse range of repertoire. This is an amazing way for musicians to gain experience in an unusual context, and really engage with the musical side.

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