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Our musical leadership training is unique. Designed by our musical leadership executive this bespoke session covers the specifics of leading music in prisons, as well as broader principles of inspiring and accessible community music leading.

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"A great building block in developing my skills as a music practitioner."

(Training attendee, 2021)

The training is aimed at everyone who might want to run singing workshops in prisons. Whether you are new to musical leadership, familiar with music leading but new to the prison context or just want to add to your skillset, our half-day training session will help you build your skills. You will learn:

  • Sing Inside's principles of pedagogy for engaging teaching;

  • How to deliver an effective warm up;

  • How to adapt to the changing environment inside a prison;

  • How to lead songs, including demonstration and pitch patterning techniques;

  • Planning a workshop, and what to consider when choosing music


Our training is highly practical and led by demonstration. Everyone who participates will have a go at leading at least one aspect of a workshop. All participants are given access to Sing Inside's database of music and warmup material.


"I wanted to feel more confident about leading a singing group, to find out more about how a prison visit works, and to get feedback on my first attempt at teaching a round. Got all that and also had a really nice time!"

This training has been made possible thanks to generous funding from the Victoria Wood Foundation, the  Samuel Gardner Memorial Trust and LocalGiving's Magic Little Grants Scheme. We are incredibly grateful for their support.

If you would like to book a training session for your choir, musical leaders or adult learners, contact our programme manager Lucy on We can deliver training to up to 20 people at affordable rates, and will work with you to find an appropriate format.

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